Here are our Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales Training Courses 

All training courses are delivered through Accredited Marketing’s training portal – the Client Creation Academy.

We are delighted to announce that both Charlotte Greenman plus all their online and onsite training courses are CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified.

This means that they have been approved by an independent, external assessor which now enables all delegates to gain CPD points on every course.

“It is important that both myself and all our training courses are CPD certified because clients know they are getting high quality and valuable courses based on learned skills through my Business Management Honours Degree at Cheltenham University together with over 23 years of experience and hindsight.” Charlotte Greenman  (Owner and Trainer)


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Welcome to a new and fresh way to approach your sales and marketing so that you can Create Clients Quickly, Easily and Ethically!


  • Attract and create more ideal clients
  • Develop a steady stream of leads and prospects
  • Convert more prospects into clients
  • Reduce the time it takes to convert prospects into clients
  • Nurture loyal clients who willingly give repeat business and referrals
  • Operate more efficiently and increase profitability

Who is the Client Creation Roadmap for?

The Client Creation Roadmap is for you if:

  • You want to spend more time with your clients and less time trying to find them
  • You wish you could reduce the time between finding the prospect and getting the sale

Or perhaps you’re not getting the results you need? 

  • You do social media posts and marketing but you don’t get enough responses or sales
  • You have lots of interest but struggle to convert them into clients

Once completed, you’ll be able to:

  • Have your clients think of you as a partner and trusted member of the team not just a supplier
  • Get repeat business so you’ve reduced the pressure to find new clients all the time
  • Have a sales and marketing process that generates a steady stream of leads
  • Sell without feeling pushy or salesy
Image of the Client Creation Roadmap
Make more appointments with fewer calls:

  • Do you consistently struggle to get past gatekeepers and can’t make appointments with new prospects who are key decision makers (or avoid calling altogether!)?
  • Do you want to be on the road and closing sales rather than spending too much time on the phone with poor call conversion rates?
  • Would you like to have an ongoing pipeline of enquiries and opportunities to make future sales easier, faster and bigger?

This telemarketing training course is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to write, plan, structure and implement a successful and profitable telemarketing campaign
  • Discover how to clarify your target market, call outcomes and goals
  • Know how to get past more gatekeepers so you can convert more decision makers
  • Learn how to structure a script and a phone call to both gatekeepers and decision makers
  • Know how to handle and overcome all objections
  • Conquer and overcome your fear of the telephone once and for all
  • Know how to gain and increase your confidence on the phone
  • Know when and how to keep in touch effectively
  • Successfully implement both your ‘Prospect to Client’ campaign and ‘Client for Life’ programme
Set Your Cold Calling on Fire Online Telemarketing, Telesales and Appointment Making Training Course CPD certified

About Charlotte Greenman

Hi!  My name is Charlotte Greenman and I specialise in helping you generate leads with your ideal clients and show you how to connect and sell to them without being salesy so that you create a steady stream of clients for life who don’t buy on price and willingly give referrals.

That’s everything from finding and reaching your target market, packaging your products and services to make them irresistible and getting your message clear right through to using your social media profiles and website to generate free leads and closing sales more effectively.

In addition, I can also show your team how to boost their sales figures and beat their targets by enhancing their telemarketing knowledge, improving their cold calling skills, developing their ability to get past gatekeepers and enabling them to make more qualified appointments with fewer calls.

Together with my Business Management Honours Degree, I have 23+ years of experience and hindsight in sales, marketing and lead generation and I’m a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified Trainer, Presenter and Speaker.

I’m happy to share all my knowledge with you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Charlotte Greenman – CPD Certified Trainer, Presenter and Speaker Managing Director

Charlotte Greenman – CPD Certified Trainer, Presenter and Speaker

Managing Director

Contact me to find out how you can start Creating Clients Quickly, Easily and Ethically –

I’d be delighted to share all my knowledge with you!